Smith rises to the occasion while Bob falls

Writer/Director/Podcaster/Bi-ped Kevin Smith has announced that he will be donating all of his residuals of his Weinstein produced films to WIF. Basically meaning, all of his major cinematic out put.

Personally, I think that this is a good measure and if Smith can help bring more attention to his charitiable organization, but also add to their funding all the better. As the fall out from the Weinstein revelations continue (and this is something that will continue to shake Hollywood for a long time, as well it should) it is good to see that there are some people trying to take ownership of the issue.

Unsurprisingly, allegations against Bob Weinstein have come to light as well. Considering that the pair of brothers worked together so closely throughout their career one would have to be incredibly naive to think that one could have engaged in this behavior and not the other. While the allegations so far are only from one source at this point, I’d expect this to balloon, just as it did for his brother.

So here we are

After roughly 11 years of podcasting we are moving from one title to another.

After roughly 11 years of podcasting we are moving from one title to another.

We’re in a bit of transitory state, so we may stumble along the way as we figure out what features to keep and which ones to let fall by the wayside (John is horribly disappointed that we will no longer be doing the Movie Mad Lib).

Our first episode will air Tuesday on the From Dusk Till Con Radio Network in our regular time slot and will include more coverage of the Harvey Weinstein story, a review of Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, a look at three of the films playing at the Chicago International Film Festival and more.

That same episode will feature our new theme song provided to us by our friends Dr. Awkward and the Monkey Man Trio.