Red Vs. Blue The Shisno Paradox giveaway!

Free stuff! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

91DbOomW8kL._RI_Hello friends! It is that time again, time to giveaway a title on home video. All you have to do is send us an email with a screen shot confirming your subscription to the show! Then you will get your own shiny copy of Red Vs. Blue The Shisno Paradox on blu-ray!

Sounds good right? So hop to it, subscribe and send us the pic!

Free blu-ray of Blackkklansman!

That’s right we have a copy of Blackkklansman to giveaway! How do you qualify to win? Simple! Subscribe to the show, take a screenshot of your subscription confirmation and email that to and you are entered to win!

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The winner will be randomly selected and get their very own blu-ray of the Spike Lee joint Blackkklansman!6293793_sa