So! Many! New! Trailers!

Well, maybe they aren’t *all* new. I admit I’ve fallen behind on my movie trailer watching, but I digress, the point is there’s lots of stuff to take a look at.

Let’s start with the full trailer for Antebellum.

Of course, not all horror is socially charged commentary. Some is just chock full of unsettling religious imagery like this stunner for Saint Maud.

If you prefer your stories more uplifting in nature, then Dream Horse is the way to go.

A fan of robot uprisings? How about family road trips? How about animated comedies? Well, you get all three with Connected.

With the finally settled release date of The Hunt, I’m sure there was some gnashing of teeth over the title for this hostage rescue thriller Rogue Warfare: The Hunt.

Nina Wu examines the less than savory side of casting a film.

The Postcard Murders gives a police procedural thriller a spin.

Last we have a movie that wins the “Most Interesting Title” and “Most Likely That El’Ahrai Will Force John to Watch” awards. ButtBoy.

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