Of Cages and Bruckheimers!

We’re at the tail end of 2019 and that brings with it all sorts of awards. Here in the movie bunker we have two that we like to hand out, the Bruckheimer award for outstanding achievement in the field of “Not Good, But Awesome” and the Cage award for outstanding achievement in creating a film that makes you wonder “WTF?”.

As we did last year, we’ll share the nominees and ask for you our kind listeners to vote

For this year the Bruckheimer nominees are…

John Wick: Parabellum



and Godzilla: King of the Monsters


Now for the nominees for the Cage Award! The Cage Award is given to the film brave enough to push our understanding of film in a manner where the only coherent response is “WtF?” This year’s nominees are…

Child’s Play (2019)



and Cats

Please take a moment to vote either by filling out this form or emailing us at Mail@neonmoviebunker.com

Be sure to listen to our year end special to hear the results!

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