Autographed Movie Posters!!!

Do you need an autographed horror movie poster to truly tie the room together? Of course you do. And you are in luck! Terror in the Aisles has you covered with a huge sale on posters, with the proceeds going to charity!

Click here to go to their Facebook post all about it!

Here’s the list of available posters and their prices:

 $35 Posters
Pan’s Labyrinth (signed by star Doug Jones)
Return of the Living Dead (signed by Linnea Quigley)
An American Werewolf in London (signed by star David Naughton)
Alice Sweet Alice (signed by director Alfred Sole)
Divine Poster (signed by Mitch O’Connell)
Cujo (Signed by Lewis Teague)
Alligator (signed by director Lewis Teague)
Demons (signed by star Geretta Geretta)
Silent Night, Deadly Night (signed by Linnea Quigley)
Night of the Demons (signed by Linnea Quigley)
Monster Squad (signed by Fred Dekker)
Chopping Mall (signed by director Jim Wynorski)
Night of the Creeps (signed by Fred Dekker)
Nightmare on Elm St. 2 (signed by Mark Patton)
Nightmare on Elm St. 3 (signed by Jennifer Rubin)
Nightmare on Elm St. 4 (signed by Tuesday Knight)
Hellboy (signed by star Doug Jones)
April Fool’s Day (signed by director Fred Walton)
When A Stranger Calls (signed by Fred Walton)
Dead & Buried (signed by director Gary Sherman)
Deadly Spawn (signed by director Douglas McKeown)
Friday the 13th Pt. 1 (signed by star Ari Lehman)
Friday the 13th Pt. 7 (signed by stra Kane Hodder)
From Dusk ‘Til Dawn (signed by star Fred “The Hammer” Williamson)
House on Haunted Hill (signed by Victoria Price)
Bad Dreams (signed by star Jennifer Rubin)
The Blob (signed by director Chuck Russell)
Switchblade Sisters (signed by director Jack Hill)
The Hidden (signed by director Jack Shoulder)
Basket Case (8 X 11 signed by director Frank Hennenlotter)
Night of the Living Dead (8 X 11 signed by star Kyra
Phantom of the Paradise (signed by star Gerrit Graham)
$50 items:
Vincent Price Poster (signed by Victoria Price)
The Road Warrior (signed by Vernon Wells)
Fright Night (signed by Tom Holland)
Coffy (signed by Jack Hill)
Foxy Brown (signed by Jack Hill)
Wild At Heart (signed by Crispin Glover)
Creature From The Black Lagoon (8 X 11 – Signed
by Julie Adams)
$60 – Return of the Living Dead (Mitch O’Connell Art Poster/Silk Screened) – (Signed by Linnea Quigley & Jack Hill (Spider Baby))
It’s Alive (Signed by Larry Cohen)
God Told Me To (Signed by Larry Cohen)
Dead & Buried (Full Size Theatrical Poster Signed
by Gary Sherman)
Monster Squad – Signed by Fred Dekker, Andre Gower & Ryan Lambert
$100 Items:
The Stuff (Signed by Larry Cohen)
Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (signed by Tyler Labine) (Full size theatrical poster)
Spider Baby (signed by Jack Hill)
Suspiria (signed by 4 members of Goblin)
Dawn of the Dead (signed by 3 members of Goblin & Scott Reiniger)
Creature From The Black Lagoon (signed by Julie Adams)
Day of the Dead (signed by Lori Cardille, Gary Klar & Greg Nicotero)
$200 Items:
2,000 Maniacs (signed by Herschell Gordon Lewis)
Blood Feast (signed by Herschell Gordon Lewis)
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