333. For beginners and experts an interesting course in the neon, the movies and the bunkers!

It’s a somewhat special episode this week, as El’Ahrai, John, and everyone’s favorite guest Cati Glidewell conduct a long examination of a single film: 1965′ “How to Stuff a Wild Bikini”! Wait, I’m getting word in my ear that that is not the correct title. In fact, they’re discussing “All of Us Strangers”, a sensitive investigation of grief, loss, and love from 2023. We apologize for the error. Also! The unexpected, arguably unwelcome return of the Hollywood Labor Relations Story Corner, sponsored by Oven Mitts! Plus all the rest! Don’t forget to stop by the Oscarcast live commentary starting at 6 Central Time this Sunday at twitch.tv/neonmoviebunker! You Navy boys have funny ideas. Okay for boy, but, not okay for girl.

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