A satire about being the Neon Movie Bunker in a white place

Do you ever get the feeling you’re stuck in a loop, just repeating actions that have no meaning for anyone? Well, add The Neon Movie Bunker to that loop, and get some of the finest movie talk money can’t buy! El’Ahrai and John’s reviews of “RBG” and “Breaking In” highlight this week’s episode! Troy, we live in a world where there’s a Big Momma’s House 3. I don’t think I have a chance in hell.


Black Panther! And some other stuff too.

Neon Movie Bunker has one chance to do the impossible

It’s a show, it’s a show, it’s a brand new show! John and El’Ahrai review “Tully” and “La Belle Noiseuse” and everyone has a good time. (You are having a good time, right?) Man, I don’t know. I’m gonna miss bein’ disreputable.


So many new trailers, all here for you to see!

Here’s your trailer round up for the week. We start with this fall’s new take on Robin Hood.

Since we’re taking a look at the classics, why not a return trip to OZ with the voice talents of Ron Perlman and William Shatner?

Not a trailer, but a clip from the up coming Show Dogs.

The trailer for A Simple Favor asks just that.

A look at film directing as a woman in the documentary Half the Picture

Netflix brings us their original film Ibiza

Kin gives us some new Sci-fi to look forward to.

And here is the canine answer to last year’s Kedi, Dogs of Democracy.



Eight strangers, one Neon Movie Bunker

A compact show this week, as El’Ahrai and John discuss “Chappaquiddick” and “Followers” for your listening pleasure. Plus a little news and all the other stuff you love so much. Keeping you at a disadvantage is an advantage I intend to keep.