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What's A Neon Movie Bunker?

A Neon Movie Bunker is the shining palace, the glittering sparkling safe space, the citidel of cinema nerds everywhere... The Movie Theater! It's also the name of our podcast. Our Neon Movie Bunker was born in 2006. Upon hearing of the new content delivery system known as "podcasting", John and El'Ahrai launch their first series discussing movies of the day, Top 5 lists on every topic they can think of, and other general buffoonery.

Who The Heck Are These Guys?

Tweets from Stanek

  •  @FederalistPitch  They fight and fight and fight and fuck and fight. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! The impy and Jon Snow Show! 10 hours ago
  • Two movies I'm fairly certain won't get actual releases: Polaroid and The New Mutants. 10 hours ago
  • And now I watch what is easily my second favorite film featuring  @LelandOrser  5 days ago

Tweets from Robinson

  • And now for something completely different... #NOTStarWarsCelebration #WouldTotallyGoToAMikeLeighConvention https://t.co/ebpPMKdpX3 4 days ago
  • To win a copy of #MaryPoppinsReturns, tell me your favorite Emily Blunt movie. 4 weeks ago
  • The best thing I can say about #AlitaBattleAngel is the the credits are over surprisingly quickly. 2 months ago

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