Blu-Rays, DVDs and streaming! Oh my!

Wide range of titles this week. Some for the kids, some for the grown ups and some that are better left alone.


Noovie has a look at what?

NCM has pretty much cornered the market on pre-show countdowns. If you are familiar with the name Maria Menounos, then you’ve most likely seen their program.

Seems that this time around Noovie (the name of said pre-show show) has a special look at a movie that you may have heard of and might be looking forward to. Said film is The Last Jedi of course and this special look includes a peek at the first moments on set, including the arrival of Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.


This is just the beginning of what both NCM and Lucasfilm (and their parent company Walt Disney Studios) hopes to be a long partnership. Future first looks will include a peek at Solo: A Star Wars Story, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and The Incredibles 2.

But before all that, we start off with a few moments with the cast and crew of Episode VIII.

Coming soon to a theater near you

End of the week means new movies and new movies means new trailers. Here are some of this week’s debut trailers. We’ve already taken a look at what is now the most watched trailer on-line (it’s about a guy looking for his glove, hint, hint) so let’s take a peek at what we might have missed.

We’ll start with Saturday Church. A LGBTQ look at coming of age within the inner city and a religious upbringing.

Follow that up with Bird Boy: The Forgotten Children. An animated with tinges of action, horror and drama.

Bruce Willis and Cole Hauser team up in a revenge thriller that I’m sure won’t have any impact on the release date for Willis’ similarly themed Deathwish remake.

We go back to animation for the family story The Breadwinner which follows a young Afghan girl looking to provide for her family and rescue her father.

Moving right along, we have The Competition. Which if the trailer is any indication, the competition of the title is to see who can make the most insulting rom-com.

Finally we have Midnight Sun. A romantic tearjerker about young love thwarted by disease. Really, instead of March this should open against Black Panther. Perfect counter programming.

Have yourself a scary little Christmas


Yes, the holidays are upon us, along with that comes egg nog, holiday songs and lots of decorations. Also the chance to experience the Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television book and screening tour! Starting December 9th through the 23rd various locations across North America and Europe will play host to special screenings along with readings from the book Yuletide Terror.

The book includes contributions from Micahel Gingold, David Bertand, Joanna Wilson, Zack Carlson, Luke Mullen and many more!

The tour dates are…

Boston Dec. 9th

Brooklyn Dec. 12th

London Dec. 14th

Los Angeles Dec. 16th

Montreal Dec. 19th

Winnipeg Dec. 20th

Philadelphia Dec. 21st

Chicago Dec.23rd

Check out the book trailer!

Quiet week on home video

Not much getting a release this week on home video, so you collectors and holiday shoppers get a chance to take a breather or do some catch up.

That isn’t to say there’s nothing of note. Take a look below for what the week offers.