Spidey saves Christmas!

The official Spider-Man: Homecoming suit was auctioned off along with a donation of DVDs of Spider-Man: Homecoming to the Toys for Tots program. As you can imagine, the amount it brought in buys a lot of toys for children in need this holiday season.

The suit, sold in auction as I mentioned, is one of the screen used costumes worn by Tom Holland in the hit film. The suit caught a winning bid of $41,000 with $37,655 of that going to the charity.

Adding to the fun, a ceremony was held where Spidey himself stopped by to deliver the check and wrap gifts at Marine Unit in Pasadena, Los Angeles. You can see photos of the proceedings below.

They were the worst of the year, they were the best of the year…

As we put together our end of the year lists and contemplate the year that felt like a decade known as 2017 we invite you to join us! What are your favorite movies of the year? What do you think were the worst? Let us know! Send us an email, a tweet, a post or comment here!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Shape of Water reviews!

This week we have a pair of special reviews for you. One of the magical The Shape of Water and one for the hotly anticipated new Star Wars film! Plus a discussion of the Disney purchase of 21st Century Fox and the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek film!
You can hear it all here!

This week on home video

All manner of things on home video this week. Take a peek and find something you like, no?

Well, that escalated quickly

I was initially planning on posting an editorial on the topic of VOD versus theatrical releases, then CNBC tweeted out this.



Well then.

So many things to think about here.

What does this mean for Marvel? Will the existing X-Men film franchise under Fox be dropped and folded into the MCU? Will this mean series wide recasting? What about the more adult themed projects like Logan and Deadpool, will that sort of thing continue to happen? Who will play Doctor Doom?

Then there’s the fact that this brings the original cut of Star Wars back under the Lucasfilm umbrella. Does this impact the possible re-release of that?

What would this mean for other Fox properties, like Predator or Alien?

And on the subject of Alien, is it true, as @SilverVVulpes tweeted, that the Xenomorph would now be a Disney Princess (their logic is impeccable).

We’ll continue to monitor this and keep you updated as the news breaks.

Happy Place

Back into the murky swamps

2017 has been full of surprises. One of the more pleasant surprises was that Adam Green completed an additional film around the main antagonist of the Hatchet series called Victor Crowly.

Today the home video release date has been set, February 6th of next year gives us the chance to go back into his swamp via DVD, Blu-ray or VOD.