Nope, this isn’t movie related, but frankly, I don’t care

Next year on January 12 the definitive musical release of the 21st century will be released. Dr. Demento Covered in Punk. This two hour album is presented in the form of the good Dr.’s radio program, complete with him introducing songs, having special guests and more. And the songs, oh the songs.

Garbage Man performed by William Shatner

Dead Puppies performed by James Kochalka Superstar

I Like performed by Colleen Green

Eat it performed by Shonen Knife

Beat on the Brat performed by “Weird Al” Yankovic

And sooo much more.

You can preorder the physical media here and the digital version hereslide-2-mobile-image.

Go. Now. Order it, what are you waiting for?!

Episode 4 is here!

More reviews! More interviews! More more! This week, John and El’Ahrai review “Wonderstruck” and “The Settlers”! But wait, there’s more! We also have the second half of our interview with film composer Joe Becker! So give us a listen, it’s good for what ails you! I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare.

Satan’s Cheerleaders! Satan’s Cheerleaders!

Here’s this week’s notable home video releases. As you may be able to tell, we’re excited about one particular release.

Blood in the Snow!

The Canadian film festival Blood in the Snow has announced their line up of films for this year. I mention a few of the details on this week’s show. The festival includes the world premiere of a few films including Red Spring and the return of the fan favorite Bits Short Film Showcase.

Click the banner below for the info, eh?


Episode 3 has emerged!

Listen here!

We’re back, with another whirl of the Review-o-rama! This week, El’Ahrai and John talk “Mansfield 66/67”, “Suburbicon”, and “Thor: Ragnarok”! But wait, there’s more! We also have the first half of an interview with film composer Joe Becker! So listen, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your enemies, all that stuff! My last girlfriend was a feminist, vegan punk who broke up with me because she thought I was too angry.

Notable releases for 10/31/17

Here are this week’s notable home video releases, a little quiet this week, but you can expect things to pick up.

Dark Shadows streaming now!

MPI Media Group is making the classic supernatural soap opera/drama Dark Shadows available to stream starting today!

Fans can have streaming access to the series at a subscription price of $7.99 a month, or $79.99 a year. The company is offering a free 14-day trial. Customers signing on beforeNovember 22, 2017, will be entered in a contest to win a free lifetime subscription to the complete series at
Subscribers will also get a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary about the series, expected to be released next year.

Great news Chicagoland!

Terror in the Aisles and the Patio theater have announced a new date for the 24 hour horror film festival The Massacre!

Postponed due to damage to the theater the festivities will now start at noon on Saturday, November 11 and wrap up at noon the following day.

All manner of vendors, movies and fun have been lined up for this event and the proceeds benefit local charity Vital Bridges.

Tough to beat that!