Home video releases for Oct. 17th

Available wherever physical media is still sold.

This week finds some big titles making their way to home video in one form or another. Among them are…

Spider-Man Homecoming

Girls Trip

American Gods Season 1

Batman Vs. Two-Face


Samurai Jack: The Complete Series (or just season 5 if you wish)

Lady MacBeth

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Good Place

Princess Mononoke

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Dreaming Purple Neon

Spirited Away


Legend of the Werewolf

Red Christmas

Rawhead Rex 

Rolling Vengeance

and the interestingly titled Raam Bam Thank you Mam

The guys will chime in with their thoughts on the week’s home video releases on this week’s show which you can hear tonight!

So, you like cats huh?

Yes, yes I do.

Marvel Studios has been teasing the addition of Black Panther before the Avengers. And soon we will finally get to see the result. Yes, I’m looking forward to Thor Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, but this Black Panther Full Trailer promises something new and different.

So here we are

After roughly 11 years of podcasting we are moving from one title to another.

After roughly 11 years of podcasting we are moving from one title to another.

We’re in a bit of transitory state, so we may stumble along the way as we figure out what features to keep and which ones to let fall by the wayside (John is horribly disappointed that we will no longer be doing the Movie Mad Lib).

Our first episode will air Tuesday on the From Dusk Till Con Radio Network in our regular time slot and will include more coverage of the Harvey Weinstein story, a review of Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, a look at three of the films playing at the Chicago International Film Festival and more.

That same episode will feature our new theme song provided to us by our friends Dr. Awkward and the Monkey Man Trio.