Enough new trailers to stuff the Thanksgiving turkey

As we head into the holiday movie season everyone wants to advertise their big upcoming releases. Best way to do that if you ask me is with a new movie trailer! Like this one for The Lego Movie: The Second Part.


Light-hearted cheeky animated fun not your thing? Well how about twisty murder mystery character pieces?

Not your thing either? Really? Okaaay, how about a dip into VR with Robert Rodriguez?

Creepy home invasion thriller more your style? We’ve got you covered.

Ok, instead of that how about you join Keanu Reeves for a sci-fi tale about simulations! No, not that one, this one. Replicas.

And don’t forget the Aquaman movie is no longer the joke it used to be.

And here is the holiday film experience that no one was asking for. Once Upon A Deadpool (remember, this one is for charity).

And two from the vault, just because it’s the right time for them.

Careful, these are both the equivalent of red band or restricted trailers, so ask your mom before you watch.

Author: elahrai

Horror movie afficiando, father, puppet.

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