Well, that escalated quickly

I was initially planning on posting an editorial on the topic of VOD versus theatrical releases, then CNBC tweeted out this.



Well then.

So many things to think about here.

What does this mean for Marvel? Will the existing X-Men film franchise under Fox be dropped and folded into the MCU? Will this mean series wide recasting? What about the more adult themed projects like Logan and Deadpool, will that sort of thing continue to happen? Who will play Doctor Doom?

Then there’s the fact that this brings the original cut of Star Wars back under the Lucasfilm umbrella. Does this impact the possible re-release of that?

What would this mean for other Fox properties, like Predator or Alien?

And on the subject of Alien, is it true, as @SilverVVulpes tweeted, that the Xenomorph would now be a Disney Princess (their logic is impeccable).

We’ll continue to monitor this and keep you updated as the news breaks.

Happy Place

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